The West Treats Julian Assange Like a Mafia Don, Not a Publisher: Stefania Maurizi

Stefania Maurizi talking to Open Magazine from Tuscany, Italy

Stefania Maurizi is the only international journalist to have partnered with WikiLeaks in all of its major projects since 2009. The acclaimed Italian investigative reporter, who currently works for the daily Il Fatto Quotidiano, had previously been associated with major media groups such as La Repubblica and l’Espresso. Maurizi, who has now come out with a book on WikiLeaks in Italian, has been working hard for the past seven years to access the full documentation on the WikiLeaks case from countries that include the US, UK, Sweden, Australia and others. The English edition of her book on WikiLeaks and its founder Julian Assange, who is now languishing in UK’s high-security Belmarsh prison, will be out in November 2022. UK has come under attack over its decision to extradite Assange to the US where the 50-year-old publisher and journalist has been charged under the US Espionage Act and faces up to 175 years in jail if found guilty. Assange’s lawyers have vowed to appeal the UK order. Maurizi, who has met Assange several times over the past 13 years, says that she met him only twice as a free man over a decade ago. In this interview to Open magazine from her home in Tuscany, Maurizi speaks about her association with WikiLeaks and the fallout of Julian Assange’s investigations in the past decade. You can read the article on

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