MN Deshpande: The Public Archaeologist

In her book on the late iconic chief of the Archaeological Survey of India, author and historian Nayanjot Lahiri surpasses her own high standards in history writing For a person who played a pivotal role in shaping and giving direction to archaeological explorations and the building and sustaining of a nodal institution for that purpose … Continue reading MN Deshpande: The Public Archaeologist

“Harappans Would Have Scoffed at Attempts to Make them Vegetarians”

Over the years, Nayanjot Lahiri has earned widespread acclaim as one of India’s finest historians. An authority on ancient India, archaeology and heritage, she is currently Professor of History at Ashoka University. Lahiri, an award-winning author of books as stellar as Pre-Ahom Assam, Finding Forgotten Cities, Marshalling the Past: Ancient India and its Modern Histories, … Continue reading “Harappans Would Have Scoffed at Attempts to Make them Vegetarians”

Nayanjot Lahiri: The Time Keeper

FOR THE SERIOUS academic historian that she is, Nayanjot Lahiri, author of works as stellar as Ashoka in Ancient India and Finding Forgotten Cities: How the Indus Civilization was Discovered, has reason to contend, perhaps with a slight sense of guilt, that her latest work is a “light-hearted” one. Or perhaps more than guilt, it could be her … Continue reading Nayanjot Lahiri: The Time Keeper