Congress protecting ‘dynasty’, hurting itself: BJP

Congress president Sonia Gandhi's lengthy talk about the so-called achievements of the UPA government at Friday's AICC session in Delhi smacks of hypocrisy, BJP general secretary Dharmendra Pradhan said, accusing her of a "neatly planned" ruse to protect the interests of the "dynasty" even at the cost of denigrating the government the party leads. Gandhi … Continue reading Congress protecting ‘dynasty’, hurting itself: BJP

Modi better for business: US scholar Echeverri-Gent

Money may not always buy election victories, but then not having enough is much worse for politicians — a study by a US-based India scholar reveals that the richest of our lawmakers are roughly 75 times more likely to get re-elected compared with the poorest among them. A paper authored by University of Virginia professor … Continue reading Modi better for business: US scholar Echeverri-Gent